Ricon, Inc. is deeply concerned with accident prevention and control, and considers no other phase of its operation or administration to be of greater importance. Management also recognizes that accident prevention is a good business practice. Accident prevention assists in controlling unnecessary production costs, conserves skilled manpower, protects valuable equipment, machinery and materials from damage, and prevents the waste of time and effort. To accomplish the goal of accident prevention, it is necessary to state and strictly enforce an effective and understandable safety policy.

For the above reasons, it is the policy of Ricon to expect total commitment to providing and maintaining a healthy work environment from all employees. Adherence to operation and practicing procedures designed to safeguard the well being of personnel results in efficient and safe operations. Safety is the direct responsibility of all Ricon personnel.

Everyone is Committed

The success of our safety program requires the combined efforts of management, supervision and all other personnel. We want our operations to be among the safest in the construction industry. This goal can only be achieved if every person contributes to this team effort.

Safety is good business

The submission of recommendations to improve the safety and efficiency at our job sites is expected and appreciated. These inputs are valuable in solving problems associated with personal injuries, property damage and occupational health matters.

An effective safety program will be maintained. This program is basic to the principals and safe operations and requirments of our business

Qualified personnel and adequate tools and equipment will be provided in keeping with these principals and goals

Company requirements

It is in the interest of safety that Ricon dedicates itself to providing the highest levels of performance in safety, fire protection, and occupational health, consistent with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) regulations and nationally recognized standards, as well as Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations.

Safety is of the utmost importance in the performance of all operations, and it must be an integral part of each work task. Safety should never be neglected because of undue haste; no job is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed safely.

Superintendents perform regular site inspections and safety is a required topic in every weekly jobsite meeting.

  • Protect and promote the health and safety of employees, customers, and others who may be affected by Ricon Construction Companies activities
  • Comply with all pertinent regulatory obligations
  • Assure the safety, health, and loss control programs are given the proper priority and attention and are achieving the desired results
  • Coordinate safety, health, and lost control activites while maintaining consistency in procedures at the required level of performance
  • Assist new and existing projects in devleoping and/or revising safety, health, and loss control programs by inteacting with each superintendent and prviding external resources to ensure consistency with this purpose

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We pledge to get your job done on time and within budget constraints
We pledge to keep our staff and your staff safe while completing the job on time and in budget.
We pledge to deliver quality workmanship - no cutting corners on craftmanship