At Ricon our craftsmen or tradesmen are engaged with the process of machinery installation including typical systems such as conveyors, processing equipment, bulk material handling, pumps, and compressors. This includes such tasks as leveling, aligning, and installing machinery on foundations or base plates. In addition, setting, leveling, and aligning electric motors, pumps, gear boxes or other mechanical components are work Ricon undertakes.


Mechanical installations include pressure vessels, pumps, tanks, digestors, slakers, generators, pulpwashers, paper machine equipment, screens, cleaners, debarking drums, fans, blowers, reactors, and other woodyard equipment.


We perform these necessary tasks with the optimal equipment in accordance with layout plans, blueprints, and other specification requirements and industry standards.

Experienced Professionals

We are higly trained machinery and equipment moving and relocation specialists..

  • Specialty equipment installation and relocation
  • Heavy rigging and equipment off loading
  • Rotating equipment.
  • Motor, pump, gear alignments
  • Conveyor fabrication.
  • Conveyor modification and installation
  • Compressor, pump, gear box installations
  • Clarifier drive, weir, baffle installations
  • Pier and frame selttlements and movements.
  • Inspections and prevantive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We pledge to get your job done on time and within budget constraints

We pledge to keep our staff and your staff safe while completing the job on time and in budget.

We pledge to deliver quality workmanship - no cutting corners on craftmanship